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Market Context

Retail media advertising has brought on the third wave of digital advertising. as the best solution to zero party data for a cookieless world, it is quickly gaining ground in latin america

The Problem

Marketplace industry in LATAM is fragmented

• Mercado Libre currently stands as LATAM’s largest Marketplace, but it accounts for less than 25% of the region’s market share.

• The two largest markets in LATAM are Brazil and Mexico – 8 out of 10 marketplaces in both countries are local players with nonexisting or limited presence in other countries.

• Marketplace talent is expensive and hard to find, forzing companies to either hire multiple teams or concentrate in only one marketplace, hindering growth.


Marketers in Latam are only just beginning to realize retail media’s enormous potential

• Retail Media is expected to account for 1 out of every 5 dollars invested in digital advertising by 2023.
• In 2021 Retail Media accounted for 3% of all digital advertising in LATAM, compared to 17% in the US and 40% in China. This represents an enormous growth potential in the region.

This is KONVI!

Our app revolutionizes online shopping by providing a seamless solution for importing products from leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, and Walmart.

Our Solutions For Retails

We are your growth team and tech partner

Konvi is Latam’s one-stop-shop retail media advertising solution. Konvi offers a turnkey platform solution that helps marketplaces monetize their increasing high volume customer searches, as well as for retailers looking to increase sales generated through paid audience targeted product placement

Selling partner tools

Constant monitoring of existing inventory with the daily report for any changes applied to the connected products, with the listing, catalogs and reports features. And display the products, to check which ones are available to add to your ad campaign.

Our Team

Matias Karlsson

CEO & Co-Founder

Juan Pablo Merea


Eugenia Amaya

Front-end Leader

Pedro Claros

Full Stack Developer

Natalia Gatti

Full Stack Developer

Patricio Copado

Data Science & Engineer

Santiago Silva

Data Sciene & Engineer

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